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10 Tips You Should Know For Pirates War

1. Earn Doubloons to Win

  • The ingame money is called Doubloon. 
  • After a total of 12 turns has passed, whoever has the most Doubloons wins the match. 
  • You can get more Doubloons from taxes and toll fees from your own territories, or by pillaging your opponent's territories.

2. Battle: Stats and Dice

  • The results of a battle are decided by the sum of your Deck stats and the results of the dice.
  • Add your dice result to your stats.

3. Check Your Opponent's Deck

  • Keep an eye at your opponent's Deck. 
  • If you have good Defense and your opponent has low Attack stats, buy as much land as you can. 
  • With lower Attack stats, your opponent will have a harder time taking over your lands. 

4. Identify a Fortress' Characteristics

  • Every fortress has different characteristics. 
  • For example, some will give you more taxes and others will provide higher Defense stats. 
  • Take your Deck's stats into consideration when purchasing or capturing lands. 
  • They should complement one another.

5. Various Strategies, Various Winning Points

  • Game conditions are constantly changing. 
  • Keep an eye out and be ready to adapt your strategies on the go. 
  • If your opponents' start purchasing every land they see on their way, initiate battle and try bankrupting them instead.

6. Consider Chaining the Right Skills

  • Combine skills to quickly achieve victory. 
  • With the right combination of different skills you can bankrupt your enemies quickly and become the winner. 
  • Try matching every crew member together to see what works best for you.

7. Mix and Match Crew and Alliance Members

  • You can choose to ignore skills and only invest on high stats. 
  • However, if you prefer skills, mix and match your pirates for a total of 4 skills to use on the battlefield. 

8. Need Gold? Play Every day!

  • You can earn lots of gold and rewards daily by simply opening the game. 
  • Take advantage of Daily Rewards, Booster Events, Free Spins and Free Chests every day!
  • Also, try completing Daily Quests and Monthly Achievements for greater rewards. 

9. The Navy captures your Mercenary first!

  • Mercenaries are good for boosting stats, but they can also be your scape goat if you are ever to face the Navy. 
  • The navy will always capture your mercenary first.

10. Purchase Pirates with Gold!

  • Don’t forget to visit the shop! 
  • You don’t have to buy every pirate with Gems. 
  • Everyday different pirates are sold for gold. Collect them all to build stronger decks.

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