Game Patch 1.6 and Weekly Server Maintenance / 업데이트 1.6 및 정기 점검


Ahoy Captains!

Thanks to everyone's feedback we prepared a new batch of bug fixes. This should improve your overall experience in the game by making things a little smoother.The patch will be available during the weekly server maintenance that takes place today. Details are as follows.


We'll carry out a server maintenance at the following date and time. - South Korea, Seoul Time: October 27th at 04:00 PM - Philippines, Manila Time: October 27th at 03:00 PM - Australia, Canberra Time: October 27th at 05:00 PM - UTC: October 27th at 07:00 AM - US Pacific Time: October 27th at 00:00 AM


The maintenance might take up to 2 hours. Once the maintenance is over, expect to be prompted to download the latest version of the game on iOS and Android. Below you will find the patch's change log.

UPDATE 1.6.0 A NEW PIRATE CREW HAS ARRIVED - Meet the Phantom Masks. Bringing a new Captain and 5 new pirate crew members to the game. - Other than the Phantoms Masks, 5 additional pirate crew members were added to the game. That's a total of 10 new pirates and 1 new captain.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - To celebrate Halloween, we're offering the new captain for free to all users for a limited time

COMMUNITY - We've added a forum/community that can be accessed right from inside the game

IMPROVEMENTS - We have fixed a problem with login in this update - General bug fixes and performance improvements

Thank you!



안녕하세요. GM 붉은수염 입니다.

매주 목요일에는 파이러츠워의 정기 점검이 진행됩니다. 상세한 내역은 하단의 내용을 참조해 주세요!


점검예정 시각 : 10월 27일 16시부터 18시까지 / 2시간

새로운 게임 업데이트도 같이 출시됩니다.


패치 1.6.0


신규 해적단 등장

- 상대를 스치기만 해도 더블룬을 훔쳐가는 유령 가면 해적단을 만나보세요. - 미스트 선장은 유저 전원에게 무료로 지급됩니다.신규 해적 연합 선원 등장 - 6명의 해적 연합 선원이 추가됩니다.
- 네이버 카페 PLUG 추가
- 게임 업데이트 후 페이스북 로그인이 안 되던 현상을 수정했습니다. - 기타 버그 수정


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