To make an in-game purchase, a stable Internet connection is required. Whenever possible, we recommend you to use WIFI with a strong connection signal to ensure your purchases are successfully processed.

While most of the time purchased items are delivered immediately to your device, on occasion, it may take just a little longer to process. If your purchases don't arrive right away, please just wait a few minutes - Sometimes it just takes a little longer!

If your purchases do not arrive after a few mintues, try closing the app and relaunching it. Make sure to double check that your connection is strong.

Also make sure to check the receipt has been sent from the app store (e.g. iTunes App Store, Google Play). The receipt is sent to your email. Also make sure to check the purchase history as well.

If there still no word after couple of hours, please contact our support team. Please try to include the receipt within your message, then we will be able to solve the situation much faster and more efficiently