You can receive various rewards by participating in various quest events. Quest Events can be divided through into three categories; Daily Quest, Captain Quest, and Monthly Achievements.

1. Daily Quest 

New Daily Quests are available everyday. They are typically the easier quests. You can check them out below

Everyday, you will face daily quests. Accomplish the task and get you rewards! Don't forget to comeback the next day. If daily quests are like daily exercise, monthly achievements are like Monthly achievement will be updated every month. Bigger challenge and bigger reward awaits!  

2. Monthly Quest

Every Month you get a set of new Monthly Quests. 

These are long term, they take longer to finish and require a lot more effort from your part. At the same time, they are richer with gifts. So don't be afraid! Harder work means greater reward!

3. Captain Quest (Single Mode)
Did you know that each captain has its own quest? They are filled with great rewards!

The further you travel, the greater the reward! Not only that during your travels, you will find intersting stories about the captains! Be the first ones to uncover their truth!

May your journey be a lucrative one!