Tiakoke Islands are a dangerous place. Nothing can keep you completely safe and there are other pirates looking to take advantage of you everyday. So, we provide additional booster items that can help you with your journey.

Now remember, these items are available for one match! Think of them as renting.

You can choose to select these items before the match starts.

1. Help Items

  • Bone Dice: Bone Dice allows you to throw a double and your first roll. 
  • Gold Pouch:Gold Pouch gives you 10% extra Doubloon at the start of your match. 
  • Magic Flute: It lets you escape from the Kraken one time.
  • Bomb: Prevents your prisoners being locked up by the Royal Navy

Remember, you can get one free item by watching an video advertisement!

2. Mercenaries

  • Mercenaries are a great help to you. Not only do they boost your total stat, when the Navy takes your crew member, they take away the mercenary first!

4 Trustworthy Mercenaries!